Having a strong WiFi password is crucial to secure your WiFi, as well as make it difficult for hackers to crack into and steal your bandwidth or other forms of data. As such, here are 5 simple tips to create a strong password:

  • Have a mix of everything

Aim for a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase within your password. This will certainly make it much harder for hackers to crack.

  • Be creative

Using the term “password” for your password is not reverse psychology! On the contrary, it just makes you an easy target. Thus, this is the time to get creative and come up with unique combinations of your own that are strong and easily recallable.

  • No reusing

Your password is not the environment. DO NOT reuse passwords that you have already used. For the sake of security, take the extra effort and make a new password for every new account.

  • Do not use simple keyboard patterns

While WASD or QWERTY are really easy to remember, they are also really easy to guess and hack. Therefore, make sure that you use more complex terms when creating a password.

  • No personal information

 It is paramount that you avoid inputting your personal details like your NRIC, driving license number, bank account number or other important data when creating your password. In the event where a hacker manages to hack your password, you will end up exposing your personal details and having your password compromised at the same time.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you are creating a password for your WiFi, bank account or for other purposes, these 5 tips will surely come in handy whenever you are unsure if your password is strong enough.