ERP is commercial enterprise control software program that normally looks after the back-end approaches of an organization. It is useful in gathering, storing and handling records from diverse activities which can be undertaken to run the commercial enterprise.

E-commerce store on the other hand, has parts. First is the front end of the store that permits your site visitors to shop online, while the second one is the back end of your store that offers information like stock and income figures.

Connecting ERP or SAP together along with your e-commerce store is vital for increase of your online commercial enterprise. Although your e-commerce commercial enterprise will run even without integrating it together along with your ERP system. However, this indicates you may must control your income information manually, which may be pretty frustrating.


The e-commerce integration with ERP prevents the tedious task of manually entering the records between the back-end system and e-commerce platform. Manual access procedure is extremely time consuming and includes a excessive risk of costly mistakes.

Data transfer errors are one of the maximum common errors that arise in online enterprise dealings. For the commercial enterprise to run efficiently, you simply can’t forget those errors that can put you in economic loss. All those mistakes may be removed or drastically decreased via way of means of integrating ERP together along with your e-store. The synchronization between ERP and e-commerce programs is critical to make sure error-free transfer of records among the systems.

An end-to-end integration will save a lot of your time because it will ensure continuous flow of records flawlessly among the systems. This means information such as income order and stock will circulate seamlessly at the back of the scenes, thereby doing away with duplicate records entry.

The integration is -way from e-store to ERP and vice versa. This means data flows in each the directions between the systems. With integration, an order created thru online purchasing cart receives recorded in the ERP system without any manual intervention. This not only keeps human error from going on however also saves salary costs.