SAP Business One is an ERP software that consolidate various business aspects by reducing manual intervention. Furthermore, it streamlines key business processes for increased efficiency and data visibility. Regarding SAPB1’s functionality, did you know this software is more than what meets the eye? Let me elaborate on that by stating “3 Tips You Need To Know For SAP Business One”.

Gantt Chart Functionality For Project Updating

As you know, Gantt Chart’s purpose is for planning and scheduling projects. Furthermore, it determines what action inside the plan is needed to be executed or what resources are needed. For SAPB1, this is one of the most invaluable tool for Project Management. For the Gantt Chart, you can now update your projects within the Gantt Chart window. You can ‘click and drag’ the edge of the time bars to reduce or increase its duration. Moreover, you can move time bars to change the date of its action implementation. Once you’re done updating it, simply ‘click’ the [OK] button. This will save your changes and directly apply to your project.

SAPB1 Web Client Connection With Microsoft 365

SAP Business One’s Web Client provides and edge for companies against their competitors due to its increased in accessibility. Moreover, it also increases the companies’ data visibility for higher employee efficiency. From that, the web client displays a strong front for SAPB1.

With regards to Microsoft 365, the exporting of data from SAP is possible. Ever since, SAP has always been capable of executing this task to Microsoft Excel. Thus, SAP extended this powerful capability to its web client.

“HOW: Click [Export to Excel] button to open the selected file in a new browser tab”

In addition, the capability to export search results and vies of sales documents in the form of spreadsheets to OneDrive also exist.

Visualize Work With Ease Via Card View

Another good thing about the web client is its purpose of helping clients in every way possible. Due to that, it introduced “Card View” option to every list views. This provides the user an easier way to visualize his/her most relevant work. Additionally, you can use the filter bar to apply changes to all cards and save those that the user created.

“3 Tips You Need To Know For SAP Business One”

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