SAP Business One is an ERP solution by SAP, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides a holistic platform for business users to manage various aspects of their business and to streamline all the processes. From managing various business departments like sales, operations, or finance to providing insights by facilitating visibility into processes, SAP B1 has a long list of features that makes it an all-in-one solution for every kind of enterprise. Although SAP B1 is build to integrate with your business easily, its implementation requires an experienced and knowledgeable SAP Business One specialist. Such specialists are the technology-providers or solution-experts who have years of experience and expertise in customizing and implementing SAP B1 in the existing IT infrastructure of businesses.

For small or mid-size businesses it is not at all cost-effective to approach SAP for implementing an ERP solution at their premises. This is where a specialist comes into the picture. For SAP, there are a number of recognized ‘specialists’ all over the world that are also known as partners. These SAP Partners are the officially approved organizations by SAP that can help you in implementing, extending, and customizing your Business One software according to your enterprise’s needs. Getting the services of a local SAP partner is much more profitable and beneficial for businesses. Firstly being a local partner they can easily understand the language, work-culture, and rules and regulations of the country your business is situated in. Secondly, a partner is much more cost-effective and it can provide long-time support and periodic customization to your Business One software.

SAP B1 is an extensive software with a huge number of functional modules. Most of the time, not every module is needed by a business. A specialist or partner can help you in making the right choice and thus include only those modules in your Business One software that are actually needed by your business. This has a two-fold benefit of reducing the complexity of the software and keeping the cost of implementation low. Since the complexity of the software will be low, the learning curve for your business users to understand the software will also be shortened.

Businesses grow and so does their demand. On top of that, for a business, its operating conditions and scenarios can change drastically from quarter to quarter. Thus to keep up with these fluctuations, there will be a constant need to support and upgrade your ERP software. A partner can provide both the support and up-gradation to your Business One software in an easy and effective manner.

SAP B1 partners are experienced collaborators which can make the process of integrating SAP B1 in your business a smooth process. So, if you want the best implementation of SAP B1 in your enterprise, hiring a partner is your best bet.