Reduce the complexity of managing the financials of your growing company. Learn how SAP Business One can help you take your business to the next level by automating and streamlining everyday accounting, controlling, banking, and reconciliation tasks, and integrating them with other business processes.

an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management solution, offers a complete and integrated set of tools to effectively manage and automate all of the accounting and financial processes in your growing company. As the core component of SAP Business One financials incorporates all key accounting processes, such as ledger and journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The software automatically triggers accounting postings in real time when business transactions occur.

Financials Features

  • Financial accountingHandle all your financial transactions within SAP Business One Financials, including general ledger, journal entries, budgeting, and account setup and maintenance in one system, with comprehensive tools and reports
  • Cost Centres and Project CostingComprehensive cost accounting and/or project and job costing
  • BudgetingManage budget creation, allocation, and distribution. Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts that notify the responsible users whenever a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget limit


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