Along the course of time, there is one thing that business tend to lean on; and its DATA. Moreover, every enterprise make use of any data they have to their advantage. Unfortunately, not every business are getting the information they need when they need it. But don’t you worry, SAP B1 let’s you do just that. Here’s Data Analytics with SAP Business One.


This pertains to the SAP Business One interface that the user will create based on their preferred modules.

Key Performance Indicators

SAP Business One allows the user to track the user’s enterprises’ critical missions to prevent worst case scenarios and to not miss opportunities to increase sales. Most importantly, it can aid with key business decisions.

Interactive Analysis

Due to the user-friendly interface of SAP Business one, it won’t make sense if the software doesn’t possess this feature. This is with regards to enabling the user to create analysis relating to a specific part of the user’s business within the familiar MS Excel. This is primarily for reporting and analytical consumption.

Analytical Portal

SAP Business One’s primary strength is its integrated interface that contains every key business processes that the user needs. Fortunately, this software is more effective because this feature enables all users to share information in real-time for faster and more accurate decisions.

“Data Analytics with SAP Business One”


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