Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software that integrates business process and use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities. For many organizations, ERP systems have been built up over decades. The processes that they enabled may be as mishmash to the current business requirements.

Business modernization is improving an existing business process: making it cheaper, faster, more agile, productive, etc. This will come the IT modernization to modernize the ERP systems to adopt with the changes inside the business organizations.

One of the reason why many organization, even though they know that they need to, or should, update their ERP system; however, they have no plans to do so is because of the cost. Although budget is important, this shouldn’t be the only consideration when evaluating to modernize or not. Efficiency, and security are some of the important factor need to be consider when evaluating an ERP system. Aged ERP system may not cope with the current business transaction. If your organization is upgrading any system that rely to ERP system, this may be a hindrance to upgrade the performance of your business. Also, agedness is equal to feebleness. As the ERP runs for a long time, hackers may become familiar to its structure and may be prone to unwanted threat.

When. It comes to technology “nothing stays the same”, so in your business also. A business needs a flexible and modernize ERP system that can adopt to changes in business requirements. SAP Business One comes with the latest and holds the future of an ERP systems. Considered as the best ERP system, it is flexible as it can be deployed as on premise or cloud base on your preference. SAP Business One also has a continuous development and update to adopt with the current technology and in business requirements. SAP Business One also comes with HANA version which enable your business to drive itself forward transactions and analytics into a single in-memory platform. It’s a smarter approach to business and innovative way to simplify how your business runs.