Adopting an ERP Software is able to provide companies with a huge plethora of benefits, including the enhancement of customer satisfaction through the following three ways:

  • Timely Product / Service Delivery

To a customer, whenever they purchase a product / service with delivery, they expect the same product / service to be delivered to them on time, meaning that it is vital for companies to provide the timely product / service delivery required. As such, the ERP software ensures that deliveries are able to reach their individual destinations on time by concurrently managing the different processes that occur whenever customers place an order, ranging from creating sales order to storing data to warehouse management. All these processes are handled simultaneously, which removes inefficiencies, reduces delivery delays, and allows for companies to provide timely product / service delivery to their customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Better Understanding of the Customer

Not only does the ERP Software store existing customer information, customer order history and buying behavior in a central system, but it also allow for companies to keep track of all their customers. As such, this allows companies to better understand their customers, and obtain more valuable insights to their needs, purchase patterns and other important statistics. Consequently, with knowledge of these information, companies can better understand and serve customers to meet their expectations, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Solve Customer Issues Efficiently

With its comprehensive storage of new and existing customer information, the ERP software will allow companies, especially the customer service representatives, to be able to access pertinent details about the customer such as his purchase history, payment methods, previous orders, and so on. With these information, the company is able to address and resolve customer issues more efficiently and provide them with the answers that they are looking for, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

All in all, when customer satisfaction is enhanced, this will contribute to a positive customer experience, which translates to happier customers, and a higher likelihood of retaining them. Henceforth, it is vital for companies to leverage on the ERP software to enhance their customer satisfaction.