Sales orders are the oxygen of the business, and huge efforts are invested to increase sales and keep the customers happy at all times.

Profit is the key point of companies. The questions of how to sell more products, how to expand profit, and how to manage sales affect the profit of a company.

SAP Business One supports your efforts to drive sales by providing recommendations for additional items that might be relevant to your customer based on the purchasing history of the given customer and similar customers.

Understanding Customer history with your organization and their buying behavior will help you to improve business relationships with your customers and driving sales growth.

Sales Recommendations in SAP B1 is an example of machine learning which leverages sophisticated algorithms grouping customers based on the similar buying behaviours

Product recommendations are displayed in the sidebar of sales order and sales quotation for a customer

Recommendations are based on association rules generated from the buying history of the given customer and similar customers

  • Recommendations for This Customer‘ suggests products which might be interesting for this customer in general
  • Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought‘ recommends products based on current items in the sales order/quotation
  • Users can click “Add” and all the information, which includes unit price, will show up in the form.

To activate this function, go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Display tab and select “Enable sidebar in windows to display linked dashboards.”

Available since SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA PL04.