All-in-one solution

SAP Business One puts various tools together into one integrated solution that small to mid sized business can use. The tools can cover many aspects in a business from sales to human resources. This will allow the users to only need to learn SAP Business One instead of many different software.

IT Support is mostly not needed

Users of SAP Business One will not need to rely on IT Support often, as users does not need to spend a long time to learn how to use the software. There are also many tutorials on the web that guide new users in details, with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Without the need of much IT support for SAP Business One, the IT team could focus on other support tasks instead.

Improve efficiency and data integrity

It is very tiring to refer to data from many sheets. SAP Business one has an arrow feature which help users to link various documents, which is a great convenience. The user could set it up according to how their business process flows, such as from Purchase to Inventory Management to Sales. From there, the corresponding data could be accessed via a click on the arrow in the future. The feature also allow linked fields to fill up by itself, thus setting it up will also reduces the amount of manual labor that is required at first. The decrease in manual work will lead to a decrease in human error and an increase in data integrity. This will also improve the efficiency of the users.

Improve operational cost spending

Since users are putting their resources in better use with SAP Business One, the operational cost spending of the business will also improve. Users also do not need to buy an array of other costly software for other functions.