SAP Business One is business management software meant for small and medium-sized businesses. It has a complete set of extensive ERP features through which businesses can manage their cash flow, inventory, sales, and a lot of other business processes. It is divided into several functional modules, each covering a definite function of an enterprise. The complete SAP business one package includes these major modules –

1. Financial management – This module is for managing and streamlining all the financial operations of an enterprise. Major functionalities include accounts and cash flow management, asset management, banking, financial reporting, etc.

2. Sales and Customer Management – For overseeing the sales process and managing the customer lifecycle, from lead to purchase to after-sales support. Examples – tracking sales leads, handling marketing campaigns, customer management, after sales support, and warranty management.

3. Purchasing and Inventory Control – For handling the complete sale cycle, from order to pay, and for generating invoices, returns, etc. Examples – regulating the procurement process, warehouse inventory supervision, accounts payable processing, purchasing data management, etc.

4. Business Intelligence – This module consists of analytics and reporting tools to generate reports based on company-wide data. Its features include – customized report creation, business analysis, creating insights from data, KPIs integration.

5. Analytics and Reporting – For capturing all the essential business information and then make smart decisions based on the captured data. Examples – Interactive dashboard for tracking revenues, performance, costs, and cash flow, real-time analytics, data search, and ad hoc reports generation.

6. Industry-specific features – These are the features that are specific to an industry vertical. Like demand generation in the consumer industry, supply chain management in manufacturing, resource planning, and project management in professional services, products, and customer personalization in retail, supply-chain management in wholesale distribution.

SAP Business One is a one-stop solution for your business management. The complete package with all its functionalities forms an impressive suite of features, which makes it worth investing in.