SAP Business One is an ERP software that runs various modules relating to multiple sector of your enterprise. Furthermore, it streamlines your key business processes by providing you with real-time data for faster and efficient decision making. For this reason, SAP Business one offers a starter package for SME’s that addresses their fundamental business requirements. SAP Business One Starter Package includes the following.

Finance –  SAP Business One reduces the complexity of managing this sector of your growing business. Due to its integrated interface and real-time data delivering capabilities, all that is related to accounting and financials will be optimized d Also, it automatically triggers accounting postings in real time when business transactions occur.

Sales – SAP Business One covers the entire sales process. With this in mind, it can undoubtedly provide an extensive range of sales documents that relates to every division of the sales process.

Purchasing – SAP Business One optimizes purchasing practices like the creation of orders and return of unsatisfactory shipments. To conclude, it streamlines processes with vendors and suppliers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – SAP Business One aids business owners to turn potential clients into customers. For the most part, this software allows its user to record new sales opportunities with relevant data such as lead source. Moreover, it enables you to create quotes, enter orders, perform real-time availability check across all your warehouses, and process deliveries.

Inventory – SAP Business One aids with warehouse management that is with regards to inventory. It helps by enabling business owners to manage a detailed warehouse data. Thus, this ERP software allow its users to track and record stock movements and plan and release production orders base on the data gathered.

Altogether, the SAP Business One Starter Package consist of the most fundamental part of any enterprise. Not only… but also the fact that it is fused into a single software enables you to gain instant visibility and control of your business. Above all, your business is sure to obtain a strong digital core, matched with the technological advancement of today.