The newest version of SAP Business One has landed the ERP world along with it comes an improved version of itself if you’re still not impressed with SAP Business One 9.3. And it is both available on HANA and SQL. But if you’re pondering if you need to upgrade your current SAP Business One or if it is about time to upscale your current system. I will highlight the few things that SAP Business One version 10 has in stored for us to help you decide if it worth the upgrade or changing your old system.

Web Client for SAP Business One

For optimized user experience launch the Web Client in either a desktop computer or tablet, using the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser. The Web Client can also be launched directly from the regular SAP Business One desktop application.

New Skin Style – Belize Deep

A more modern, fresh look and feel for SAP Business One Version 10 users. Harmonized user-experience for those who work with both SAP Business One and the Web Client.

Tab-Level Authorizations in Master Data Records

Different authorizations can be granted to different tabs in Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data. If a user has no authorization for a given tab, this tab will be automatically hidden. Enables the granting of more accurate authorizations to each user, based on tasks and responsibilities

Drill Down to G/L Account in Financial Reports

Golden arrows are added next to the account codes in financial reports allowing users to drill down into the account record within the Chart of Accounts. Available in Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Profit and Loss Statement. Direct access to account details and account balance of relevant accounts, increases usability, transparency and streamlined with standard system behavior.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration allows for document layouts, grid results and reports to be exported into Excel and Word accordingly. SAP Business One 10.0 Template Management allows for more flexibility in reporting and document layouts management.

PEPPOL E-Invoicing

Electronic documents are sent and received through registered service providers. Creation and import of documents in electronic format. Due to own specific electronic invoicing functionality, following localizations don’t support PEPPOL at that time:  Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India and Mexico.

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